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Ms. Ellie Music classes provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere exploring different rhythms and melodies through both Jewish and secular music.

  • All Children are musical!

  • All children can learn to sing in tune and to keep a beat, regardless of parental ability (or lack thereof!)

  • Children must experience music — feel it, hear it, see it — in a fun and exciting way, in order to make music.

  • Children enjoy making music with the folks they love in a relaxed, non-performance driven, playful setting!

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What is shir a song?

La shir = To sing, In Hebrew

shir a song classes are music and movement classes designed for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and the adults who care for them. As far as early childhood music programs, we are very fortunate in the Washington, DC area. There is an abundance of secular music programs from which to choose. Similarly, there are a variety of Jewish preschools, synagogues and JCCs with which to affiliate if one wants. But, what if one wants both Jewish AND secular; does one have to choose? Not anymore. Meet shir a song. 

shir a song classes are unique -- they aim to blend secular songs with fun Shabbat and Jewish holiday songs as we cycle through the year. In class, we use fingerplays and handmotions, rhythmic chants, percussion instruments, props, dance and small and large movement to create a lively, musical community for the 45 minutes of class exposing your little one to a variety of rhythms and tonalities. We wiggle and giggle, move and groove, sing and ding. Click HERE for more class info. 

I hope you and your family will shir a song with me! Please call me at 240.604.7361 or drop me an email at for additional information or questions, or to register for a class.

In song/B’shira,

Ms. Ellie

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