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About Ms. Ellie

Ellie Moses Schuchman is the founder and lead teacher of Ms. Ellie Music, LLC.  She was trained by Music Together LLC, in 2006 and has been involved in early childhood music ever since.  She is the music specialist at Ohr Kodesh Early Childhood Center (ECC) in Chevy Chase, MD, Tikvat Israel ECC in Rockville, MD, and Sherman ECC at Har Shalom in Potomac, MD, bringing more music into the classrooms and leading the weekly Ta’am Shel Shabbat (Taste of Shabbat) singalongs as well as leading holiday celebrations.  She also offers classes at Adas Israel Congregation through the Gan HaMishpacha Family Center. She leads Tot Shabbat for the 0 to the 5-year-old crowd at Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation in Bethesda, MD, and other Tot Shabbat services (Friday night and Saturday morning) in the DC area and for Honeymoon In Israel family groups in DC and New York. She has perfected her ability to do online services and classes (thanks to Covid!). Prior to her involvement in early childhood music, Ellie worked as a licensed clinical social worker with children and their families in various school-based and mental health settings. She has a BA in Psychology from Clark University and an MS in Social Work from Columbia University. She grew up in Takoma Park, MD. She was an active member of Habonim Dror and Camp Moshava, where she first developed her love of and ruach (spirit, in Hebrew) for singing and dancing as a camper, and then for many years, as a counselor and assistant camp director. Ellie lives in Silver Spring, MD, with her husband. Her twin teenage boys. are now in college!

What People Say

“Fun fun fun! My daughter and I were all smiles each and every class.  Ms. Ellie’s classes are wonderful- unique, fun, engaging, and special. She will have you and your child singing and dancing long after classes end. A great program taught by a gem of a teacher!”

“Ellie’s warmth and humor, combined with a great mix of songs make this class serious fun for toddlers and preschoolers!”

“Ellie has an amazing way with kids.  The class is filled with positive energy.  Great selection of songs and as a parent, I appreciate the variety from class to class.”

“Ellie, your personality and knowledge is the best possible combination for making this a wonderful experience. Your class gets an A+++ from me.  I’ve worked with many teachers and counselors and I think you’re about as good as it gets!”

“It’s a long drive for us to get here, but totally worth it– Ms. Ellie is engaging, smart, and kind. The kids love her. She provides great supplemental information to the parents on how to build on the music activities on our own, and really knows how to make the activities developmentally appropriate. When my 1.5-year-old started this session I was skeptical– was he too young? Could he appreciate this class? Why is he just running around the room and not participating? How on Earth do I get him to sit in a circle? But now here we are, before the end of the session, and he’s sitting in a circle (most of the time), waits patiently for his turn, cleans up after each activity, and is excited to play with the drums, guitar, shakers, and any other instruments or props. It is so exciting to me to see him blossom like this. We both really enjoy it, it’s a fantastic bonding time for us. The class size is small, the adults are nice.”

“Jack has been singing songs from class nonstop. Even when I think he isn’t paying attention [in class], he must be!”

“Thank you for filling Sam’s world with a love of music!  Sam often has his guitar and pick in hand while belting out “Ellie songs!”  We are lucky to have had this experience with you!”

“Loved the use of props.  I also loved how Ellie taught us about how babies hear, learn, and respond to music.  I thought that sharing these types of tidbits from her own expertise were wonderful.”

 “I’ve loved your class with both of my kids and have told everyone I know about them 🙂  Your enthusiasm, pacing, musicality, rigor, and diversity in the music are just the best.  We still sing lots of the songs with the girls.” 

“We have LOVED being in your class. I tell everyone that not only was it super fun, but you also helped me to be a better mom. Now when Charlie won’t walk to the car, we sing! When he’s cranky in the check out line, we sing! It helps me calm down and he loves hearing the songs. And, as a final testament, my husband even took Charlie twice when he normally skips all of the baby classes. He said he really felt like Charlie got something from it, which is big in his book.”

“Our son feels so at home at Ms. Ellie’s weekly music classes. When we say it’s Friday, he says, “music class!” Ms. Ellie warmly engages each child and also incorporates lessons for parents into each class. The class flows beautifully, is a lovely mix of songs and movement and is just the right length for little guys of many ages. We recommend it to all of our friends!”

“Wonderful exposure to different musical concepts in a totally fun, age-appropriate way.  We both looked forward to music class every week!”

“Ms. Ellie is an excellent music teacher and performer who engages and delights children and adults with her wonderful music making.

“Thank you for such a wonderful music class.  It has awakened something very special for Amy.”

“Ellie has rock star status in the eyes of my children! Her enthusiasm and musical passion come shining through when she sings, and is contagious — instantly spreading cheer, smiles and laughter to everyone in the audience. When Ellie leads a sing-a-long, you can’t help but join in and sing as well. Her songs will stick with you throughout the day, as will the happy feeling she exudes. The music that Ellie fills the room with is just the start of the wonderful experience you and your children will enjoy!  Singing and Dancing and Rejoicing with Ellie since 2007”

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