General Policies

Updated May 2021 – please note that most of these policies pertain to our regularly offered in-person classes. Since Corona19, we have been primarily on Zoom. We are offering 1 Summer Inperson class for limited enrollment.  No referral gifts or makeups will be provided. No guests or non-registered siblings are allowed. Inperson class will be moved to a Zoom class for inclement weather for that particular morning. We still need an emergency contact number (or email) in the event we cancel online class for instructor illness or emergency. Thank you.

1. Class Cancellations

Inclement Weather Ohr Kodesh classes will be cancelled if Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) are closed.  Please listen to the radio, check the MCPS website at or call the MCPS information line at 301-279-3673 to verify whether MCPS may have cancelled or delayed openings. (updated Oct 2018)

Adas Israel classes will be cancelled if either the Federal Government or DC Public Schools (DCPS) have are closed. If Gan Hayeled has delayed opening at 10am, the 10:30 shir a song class will happen (unless you hear otherwise). Please check the DCPS website at  and Federal Government postings for more info and listen to the radio for updated closure/delay information.

Instructor Illness:  Please make sure that we have your emergency contact information in the event we have to contact you (via email, text or home/cell telephone) in the early morning regarding a cancellation due to instructor illness or emergency.

If a shir a song class is cancelled for either inclement weather or instructor illness, you are encouraged to make up the missed class in another regularly scheduled shir a song class.  Please email or call Ms. Ellie Music at (240) 604-7361 prior to attending the class to let us know you’re coming.  In addition, we will schedule make-up class week after each completed session and you are encouraged to attend in order to make up the missed class(es).

2. Make-Ups: 
If you miss a class due to travel, work, illness, life, etc., you are entitled to make up two missed classes in another regularly scheduled shir a song class.  Please email or call Ms. Ellie Music at  (240) 604-7361 prior to attending the class to let us know you’re coming.  In addition, we will schedule make-up classes after each completed session and you are encouraged to attend those in order to make up the missed class(es).  You must make up missed classes during the same session in which they were missed; they are not transferrable to another shir a song session.

3. Refunds
:  No refunds for withdrawals will be given after the second scheduled class.  A non-refundable administrative fee of 10% of the tuition payment will be deducted from the refund amount.   There is no refund for cancelled or missed classes.

4. Late Registration: Missed registration?! Space permitting, you may be allowed to join a shir a song class already in session (up to the 5th class) at a pro-rated tuition but will be charged a late fee 10%. (effective Jan 2019)

5. Safety: 
 It is important that parents be responsible for the safety of their child as well as to monitor their child to see that he/she does not harm others.

6. Guests and Siblings: 
 Additional adult family members (visiting grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc) are always welcome at no charge.  Space permitting, siblings are also welcome at no charge for up to two classes per session as long as the caregiver assumes full responsibility for all children in his/her care. If a sibling(s) attends more than 2 classes per session, a prorated tuition fee will be charged for each class and each sibling. If you are enrolling multiple children in a class, we offer a discount.  Please see our website or contact Ellie Schuchman at for sibling discount information.  TUITION INFO HERE

7. Punctuality:
  We know it’s sometimes very hard with little ones to get out the door in time, but please try to be on time so as to give your child (and you!) the fullest experience and so as not to disrupt the class. 

It can be hard for a child (or parent) to jump into a class already in progress, especially if you’ve missed the Good Morning/Boker Tov song and your name being sung!

8. Diaper Changing/ Snacks
:  Out of respect and as a courtesy to all, we request that you use the following designated areas to take care of your child’s toileting needs for sanitary reasons and for the protection of everyone’s health.  At Adas Israel, please use the changing table in the bathrooms located near the Wasserman where classes are held.   At Ohr Kodesh, please use the restroom down the hall or the foyer area immediately adjacent to the Chapel.  If your child needs a snack during the class, please provide it to him/her outside of class (and away from the eyes of others!) and then return to class when he/she is finished eating.  In accordance with preschool (since our classes share spaces with preschools at both locations) and general synagogue policies, please do not bring meat products or anything containing any kind of nuts into the school area.

9. Illness Policy: 
 Out of respect for all class participants, please follow a 24-hour “no fever or illness” rule when deciding if your child is well enough to attend class.  Essentially, please wait 24 hours after the fever breaks, the last episode of vomiting or diarrhea, starting antibiotics/ medication, etc.  The same rule applies to siblings who are not registered for the class but may be out of school that day and are accompanying you to class.

10.  Refer a Friend!  Please spread the word about shir a song classes to your friends, family, playmates, and social networks. If you refer a new family to shir a song classes, you will receive 10% refund off your tuition for each new family you refer.  Just make sure your friend(s) indicates your name on their registration form.

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact Ellie Schuchman at (240) 604-7361 or email at