2021 shir a song tuition info*

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IN-PERSON FALL THURSDAYS – please register with Adas Israel directly here.


$220/1st child; $140/2nd sibling

* price includes Paypal fees

Siblings under 9 months at time of registration may attend at no additional charge

Additional discounts available. FIND OUT MORE!


The following few notes about Registration pertain to in-person classes only:

Refunds.  No refunds for withdrawals will be given after the second scheduled class.  A non-refundable administrative fee of 10% of the tuition payment will be deducted from the refund amount.

Make Ups.
 You are entitled to make-up two missed classes in another class within the same session as long as you email or call (240) 604-7361 prior to attending the class to let us know you’ll be coming.  There will also be a make-up week following each session to allow for absences due to weather, illness, unexpected cancellation, etc.

Please note there is no refund for missed classes and make-ups are not transferable to a new session.

Registration Cancellations.  Ms. Ellie Music, LLC may have to cancel any class with low enrollment.  If we must cancel, we will try to do so as early as possible and will refund your entire tuition back to you.

Please see our GENERAL POLICIES section for additional information.

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